6 Marketing Automation Blunders You Must Avoid in 2022

Did you know? Research by Oracle suggests that for those who use marketing automation technology, the leads are rising by 80%. But, that is the case when you rightly use it. Not when you make mistakes.
There is a wide range of marketing mistakes, from simple typos to small misjudgements to catastrophic oversights. Occasionally, you can make a mistake that is so embarrassing that you shake your head in embarrassment, but other times you can make a mistake that can ruin the credibility of your entire campaign. In that case, a perfect marketing plan comes to the rescue.
In the right hands, automation can boost productivity, increase growth, and increase sales. Despite your best efforts, you may make some mistakes when trying to take full advantage of your automation tools.
Have doubts whether you’re using it correctly or making mistakes with the marketing automation technology? To resolve your uncertainties, we have come up with this article. Take needful insights and get to know how to avoid making some ordinary marketing automation mistakes.
So, Let’s commence!

B2B Marketing Automation - 6 Common Mistakes Marketers Make & Ways to Avoid it

Mistake #1 - Using only Email Marketing Automation

A lot of companies are reckoning themselves as the epitome of marketing automation technology just by using email marketing automation. Actually, it consists of considerably more automation than just sending emails to your subscribers. As you can see in the below image, email marketing automation solutions are the most widely used among all the others.
What’s the fix for you?
Take help from your automation software to eradicate all the steps you can in your sales process. For every step you eliminate, you will be saving your time, cost, as well as resources.
Instead of merely automating the emails, make optimum use of the tool so that you can reap as many benefits as you can for a perfect digital marketing strategy.

Mistake #2 - Lacking a Proper Strategy

Buying automation software and using them to generate sales and leads may cost you a lot of money. If you cannot clearly define your goals with your automation software and don’t have a well-defined lead generation strategy, you will be wasting all your efforts and money.
What’s the fix for you?
Before you invest money in purchasing the automation software, set your targets and strategies perfectly. Ensure that all the marketing tactics you are proposing are in the same context as the automation software’s purpose.

Mistake #3 - Superfluous Usage of Tools

There are times when businesses attempt to automate every task using multiple automation software programs simultaneously. There is, however, a lack of integration among these tools so that they can communicate with one another. In the end, this ends up causing chaos and intricacies instead of smoothing things out.
What’s the fix for you?
You don’t need to invest in multiple tools when you can find an all-in-one automation platform that will handle all your marketing automation solutions. You should also make sure that it integrates with other software you utilize in your organization so you can handle communication and handle it seamlessly.

Mistake #4 - Leaving no room for researching

When you automate your tasks, you don’t just set them up and forget about them. Tests and trials are necessary to find better strategies and flaws in your existing strategies, and automation cannot take over human minds.
What’s the fix for you?
Test your automated tasks on a regular basis using trial and error mechanisms. Adapt your existing marketing strategies based on what you learn from your experiments. If your current methods are flawed, correct them and plan for better strategies in the future.

Mistake #5 - Poor segmentation

Lead nurturing can be done using the data in your automation tool. The problem is that if you target the entire data set without segmenting it, you may not get any results.
By segmenting your data, you can target specific audiences based on their interests, geography, age, and other characteristics.
What’s the fix for you?
In order to gain better attention from the audience and have a better chance of conversion, segment your email contact list and leads into various segments to customize and personalize the emails, content, and other marketing elements. Want to segment your email list in an organized manner? A marketing automation agency can get your email list inline.

Mistake #6 - Overlooking Personalization Factor

Personalization is at its peak in this contemporary marketing world. Gaining customer attention is mostly possible through personalization. Personalization can be adding a name to the email when sending it to the customer or curating a personalized shopping list for them. When automating the tasks, a lot of businesses lack in providing a personalization touch, which eventually fails the campaign.
What’s the fix for you?
Avoid limiting yourself or the tools you possess to only one existing database. Strengthen your data sources in a variety of ways to improve your data & references. Simultaneously, you can run innovative campaigns to accumulate insights in order to personalize your automated tasks.


Lastly, B2B marketing automation solutions can help businesses from all perspectives – less cost, boost production, encourage personalization, and strengthen segmentation.
What matters the most, however, is utilizing the marketing automation technique rightly. One thing to guarantee that you are going in the right direction is to checklist each completed level so that you don’t miss out anywhere.
Furthermore, you can extemporize and invent something new to capitalize on your automation software.
But in the end, when done properly, a B2B marketing automation agency can find nothing better than automating its marketing tactics.
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