A: A custom built website begins designing in Adobe XD and is custom designed then coded according to the clients requirements. An example of this would be in PHP or HTML. An out of the box solution like WordPress allows for much quicker turn around times and cost due to the theme and layout already being pre-defined.
A: On average 3-4 months is the typical turn around time to build a mobile app with costs of £10,000 – £20,000.
A: A progressive web app means a customer can have the same user experience as a mobile app on the app stores. A customer can visit the domain and download the apps thumbnail onto their mobile or tablet device.
A: Native app development is the pinnacle of mobile software development and produces the highest quality. React native is building the app from one single code base and is typically lower costs and timeframes.
A: Investment can be obtained through kick starters or venture capitalists that will want to see a proof of concept. We produce what is called a clickable prototype for around £5,000 which demonstrates to investors the concept of the app.
A: Revenue can be earned through in app purchases like subscriptions or ads that can be integrated like Unity or Google Admobs.

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