Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality : Fundamental Difference

Have you heard of it yet? AR & VR are going a tremendous way in a number of fields. From marketing to eCommerce and the gaming industry, AR vs VR is going to be the crunch point in the near future.
We cannot omit any of these technologies when talking about augmented reality vs virtual reality. The reason? One of them brings us closer to the virtual world while the other depicts the 3D visuals in the real world.
Nevertheless, it is easy to muddle up between the two technologies as they are similar in many ways. Still, there are a few differences between AR vs VR which we will be discussing in this article. So if you are someone who is getting bewildered between the two technologies when developing or simply getting the knowledge, then this article is going to help!
Let’s commence today’s topic of discussion through a quick overview:

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality: A Brief Overview

The debate between Augmented reality vs Virtual reality goes on until we read and understand the below mentioned.
In virtual reality technology, users are every time worn with a special headset to entirely replace the real world with the virtual one. The purpose of VR mainly focuses on isolating users from the real world and entering into a completely virtual world. Talking about the application of VR, it is extensively used in business development such as in design, architecture and more, but most importantly nowadays it is widely used in the entertainment and gaming industry.
Augmented reality development mainly focuses on integrating the simulated world with the real one. Smartphone or tablet users typically use smartphones or tablets to accomplish this, aiming a camera at a scene of interest and streaming the video live. A helpful overlay of information is then displayed on the screen, including repair instructions, navigational information, or diagnostic data.

Tabular Comparison Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality

A few things to keep in mind when deciding whether to use Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR):
Augmented reality is the base for augmenting the real-world scenario.Virtual reality completely captivates the virtual world.
In AR, users have control of the visual senseIn VR, the control is totally in the hands of the system.
With the use of a smartphone, AR can be accessed.A headset device is required for VR
AR can be seen as 25% virtual and 75% real.VR can be seen as 75% virtual & 25% real.
The users will be slightly immersed in the action of AR technology.Whereas VR technology immerses the users completely into the action.
100 Mbps or above bandwidth is required in AR.VR requires at least 50 Mbps bandwidth.
With the help of AR, the users are connected to the real world while they interact with virtual objects.It solitaires users from the real world and enters into a completely fictional world.
Enhances the fictional as well as the real world.Only enhance the fictional world

Difference Between AR vs VR: How do both the technologies function?

How does augmented reality development work?

In order to present appropriate content to the user, AR relies on computer vision, mapping, and depth tracking. This function allows digital content to be displayed based on the information collected, sent, and processed by cameras.
Real-time digital content is added to the user’s physical environment through augmented reality. An AR smartphone or special hardware is required to experience augmented reality (AR).

How does virtual reality development work?

VR simulates vision by simulating the eye. VR headset screens should be placed in front of the user’s eyes. Hence, real-world interactions are eliminated. The screen is surrounded by two lenses in VR. Depending on the individual movement of the eyes, the user should adjust the eyes. HDMI cables can be used to connect a PC or mobile phone to the screen and render the visuals.
Simulates real-life experiences using headphones, speakers, and wearables. The constructed reality can also be experienced visually, auditorily, and haptically (touching).
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Areas of usage for AR vs VR

Nearly 37% of businesses think that AR/VR and other techno stacks are going to be the mainstream in the next five years. Let us now proceed to where and how AR and VR technologies are used the most.

Applications of Augmented Reality Development

Take a look at the below pointers where AR is used:
  • Augmented Reality Development embeds texts, images, videos etc.
  • The advertising & printing sectors utilize AR technology for displaying digital content.
  • The gaming industry too is utilizing this awesome technology with the help of the Unity 3D engine tool.
  • The AR technology is immensely being used in translation apps as well for interpreting texts in different languages.

Applications of Virtual Reality Development

Take a look at the below pointers where VR is used:
  • The VR technology builds and enhances the fictional world in the gaming industry.
  • Armed forces utilize VR technology in flight and battlefield simulations.
  • Sports industry also utilizes VR automation for measuring a sports person’s performance.
  • VR is utilized for addressing post-trauma.
  • Medical students use VR for general practice.
  • VR is useful in being a safe environment for the patients as well.

Summarizing the Difference Between AR vs VR

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality – Is it really different? Or can it work together?
To answer this, I would like to stress that a separate operation for Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality would be incorrect. By combining these technologies, a new dimension of interaction between the real and virtual worlds is created, resulting in an improved engaging experience.
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