New Apps for 2022

new apps for 2022

New Apps for 2022

We’re all on the lookout for new apps launching this year, but before we go into new apps for 2022, let’s take a look at what it takes to make a great app, I don’t mean flappy birds great, I mean truly great, the ones that have wrapped their code around our hearts. What does makes an app truly great? What keeps us checking our phones? Why can’t we just delete it and explore the outside world?

Science is what, specifically neuroscience.

Apps are designed specifically to keep us all interested, no matter what your age, everyone succumbs to a cheeky scroll.

There’s a lot that goes into app development, they’re not just made overnight. There are layers upon layers of coding, graphics to be added and the smallest of details to be looked at, the simplest fault such as the wrong font being used in the lettering can make or break an app.

App development stages

So! You’ve finally done it, you’ve tinkered around that brain of yours and you’re ready to speak with an app developer about creating an app. Will you be the creator of one of the trending new apps for 2022?

The first step in app design is sourcing a developer. Too many choices? Look no further, contact Chimpare app developers. After contacting us at Chimpare we will have a consultation to chat with you about:

  • What category your app is going to fall under. i.e., gaming app for boredom, efficient food delivery service …)
  • What your budget is. Apps can be pretty pricey, however, there are schemes available from the government to help fund aspiring projects.
  • What theme is going to be set for your app. Depending on who your target audience is your theme will vary.
  • Timescale. It’s important to go in with a clear timescale from first meeting to launch date, be realistic with your dates – this isn’t a project to be rushed. 

Once you have a plan in process with your developer, your focus should shift to marketing, promotion, and launch day.

– Marketing is just as important as the app functioning and doesn’t come cheap. Well, poorly done marketing comes cheap. Your app needs to be promoted before it’s launched, you want people to shiver with antici … pation. 

– Promotion, promotion, promotion! Who will be testing your app? Who will be demoing your app at the launch party? Who will be promoting your app across their social media pages before the launch? 

– Launch day is one of the most important days of your app’s life, people always leave a party talking about the key point of the night, don’t let that be leaving because your party was dull. You also don’t want it to be fuelled by alcohol and craziness because otherwise, they’ll forget why they were there in the first place.

Finally, launch day! Working with your app doesn’t stop here, apps need maintenance! Think of your app as a car, just because it works today, that doesn’t guarantee it will work tomorrow. And turning up the radio won’t silence that rattle sound…

App trends to watch out for

I can’t talk about new apps for 2022 without mentioning the exciting collaboration between Honda
and Google, which will see Google’s built-in operating system assist the driver with voice-controlled
apps such as Google Maps and Google assistant.

AR (Augmented reality) and VR (Virtual reality) will continue to grow in the mobile and tablet worlds.
In 2021, we saw Apple catch up with their competitors and bring in Live text alongside a feature
which allows you to find out about the history of your surroundings by pointing your camera at
them. Retailors such as IKEA have embraced AR and allow shoppers to “view products in their own
room” just by using their phones or device with a camera.

5G. 5G will be everywhere in 2022, there’s no doubt about it. Well, as long as people stop pulling the
towers down … 5G has improved connectivity globally and will continue to do so in 2022.

Wearables will continue to rise in popularity, which means there will be a lot more packed into those
teeny tiny computers. Wearables apps are just starting to break the mould with what they can
achieve, especially if voice-control technology improves.


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