Website Developer in Southampton

Website developer in Southampton

Wesbite Developer in Southampton

If you’re looking for a website developer in Southampton, we’re here to help! At Chimpare we are website design and mobile application development experts. We offer theme-based builds for clients on a budget, or we can create completely custom complex websites. Depending on your business needs, budget, and timeframe we’re fully flexible and able to cater to you.

We’ve been designing websites for a long time we understand that your business website is so much more than just a page on the internet. Sometimes it’s the first impression given to a client, it can be a help centre, a portfolio, a business card, and so much more. If you have a website that’s already built – we can still help. Being able to elevate websites to their full potential is just one of our many skills.

With the release of Windows95 and Internet Explorer browsers businesses realised that in order to keep moving forward with the times they would need to invest in an online presence to show their business is capable of change and keeping up with the times.

Advertising your website

The beauty of advertising your website is that it fits into EVERYTHING. Every single part of your business needs to have your website on it, from your email signature to your business cards and/or uniform. Slap on that domain to get those gains! However, keep in mind that marketing and advertising your business as a whole is another expenditure. Exposing your website and business via marketing is worth it, isn’t exposure and growth exactly what you want for your business?

Keep your online presence growing with social media accounts, Instagram is a fantastic free portfolio tool for businesses, taking the time to learn about hashtags, social phasing, and filters are just the latest expectations of business owners. Interacting with your clients across your different social media channels shows another level of your customer service, and also gives you a chance to play ball with any trolls that pop up in your comments.  

Taking your business to the next level is what we thrive for, and just like Sonic Saga Megadrive – there’s always another level to reach, until you, the business owner is happy with your place in the market, we won’t stop. Consultancy isn’t a one and done requirement for a business, especially when you’re a sole owner. Everyone needs a fresh set of eyes to come in and look at things, the best time we find to do this is after the profit and loss for the year has been done. You can see what changes you made to the business that year, and how they directly affected your business. Now I’m not saying don’t change anything that isn’t working throughout the year – if it’s had time to settle and just isn’t for you – stop it. We are a lot more than just a website developer in Southampton, we’re here to keep lifting your business up so that it achieves its full potential and more.

Upgrading your website

With website trends constantly changing, we understand that you can start to feel overwhelmed wondering how often your website should be upgraded – let us handle that. We don’t just develop and design, we also maintain and upgrade sites. Websites can need minor upgrades daily, but then nothing again for weeks. It’s important to stay on top of these upgrades, no matter how minor they may seem. The quicker you get the minor changes out of the way, the less time the larger upgrades will take to do. As standard, a full health check should be run on your site every 30 days (or pick a specific date every month), use this time to upload new pictures, blogs, and anything else you’d wish to have on there. Basically, dedicate a whole day to your site, or come to us and we’ll do it for you.  

Your website should always be personal to your business – not to you. There is a big difference here.

What you may like, and think will look “cool, hip, and on fleek” may not be for others … have a think about what company you’d like to be, what does their website look like? If your website isn’t customer-friendly then you’re not using it to its full potential, sometimes websites can be so bad that people just will not return. A website is just like a shop, if you walked in and the staff were unhelpful or rude, would you buy the items? Or would you take your business elsewhere? The service you receive is 100% down to the company behind it.

There are many options when choosing a website developer in Southampton, but we can offer you the most personalised service with the best results. Why go anywhere else?

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