E-commerce Developer in Southampton

Ecommerce developer in Southampton

Searching for an e-commerce developer in Southampton? Google can be a dangerous place, with 1000s of results, adverts, and people’s options, leaving you confused about where you start in finding the best developer for your e-commerce.

Well, to start there are different types of e-commerce, and depending on your business, your needs will vary. No two businesses fit the same mould.

Types of e-commerce

First off, there are four different types of e-commerce businesses:

  • B2B business to business sales.
  • B2C business to consumer sales.
  • C2C consumer to consumer sales.
  • C2B consumer to business sales.

Once you know which category your business fits into you can start thinking about which e-commerce platform you’d like to use. 

E-commerce platforms

As e-commerce becomes more popular, choosing a platform becomes harder. You need to do your research so you know what each platform has to offer. To keep things easy breezy, at Chimpare we help you with this process to ensure you not only get your business on the right type of platform but also make the most of the platforms available. So, we have compiled a few of our favourite e-commerce platforms for you.

Shopify solutions – Whether you’re moving your store or setting up a new one, Shopify is completely customizable: from the look of your site to the ability to use your own domain name. It’s all personal to you. It even has the ability to pull your current or old store over to Shopify with minimal disruption to yourself and your store. 

Magento utilises SalesForce CRM (customer service manager) to manage all Magento and local stores on a single platform. This gives you the ability to carry out sales and marketing campaigns from within the platform. SalesForce also integrates with social channels and means you can invoice, text, and telephone your clients with ease.

WooCommerce is SEO friendly, which means you’re able to use Search Engine Optimisers to bring your products and site to the forefront of searches. WooCommerce also has the most responsive design and user-friendly interface.

When choosing a e-commerce developer in Southampton, make sure you check what platforms they use and recommend before jumping in.

Getting the most from e-commerce

Building your e-commerce store is a mystical journey, even if you don’t already have products in place you can still have your own store! A shop with no products? I hear you ask! Well, that is because some e-commerce platforms allow you to buy stock from them at a low price, then you can sell the products on your site at retail costing (they will advise you what price to sell at), which means you never actually have to go through the process of stock handling – wow.

Your e-commerce store can be used as much, or as little as you’d like. Some e-commerce platforms such as Etsy, even allow you to “shut shop” when you can’t take any more orders – this is a great function for crafters who make everything themselves or people who would like to take a break.

E-commerce stores can also be converted into business apps, should you ever wish to change. Just remember – if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

If you do decide to venture into the app world keep your e-commerce store open for at least 6 months after your app launch. This is so you can use your e-commerce site to pull customers over to the app before they think you’ve gone bust and purchase from another seller.

Your e-commerce can be showcased on every single social media. Make sure you’re getting the most out of e-commerce by utilising all social media channels. Asking your clients to support and interact with your social media channels is a key part of your e-commerce marketing. Filling your social page is important, it shows customers that you’re active and that you enjoy engaging with your customers.

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to decide – Fantastic! If you’re not ready to decide then that’s okay as well, these things take time and patience to set. Our team at Chimpare will help you navigate your way through e-commerce to find the best fit for you and your business. As the

leading e-commerce developer in Southampton, At Chimpare we have the skills, experience and expertise to assist you with all your online set-up and launch needs.

Working alongside a set-up team there is no limit to what you can achieve and create with your e-commerce store.

Contact us for more information.

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