Mobile App Developer Southampton

mobile app developer southampton

Mobile App Developer Southampton

Have you just searched: Mobile app developer Southampton? CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve found us!

We founded Chimpare in 2012, when the business was just a baby chimp we started out developing websites and mobile applications. We discovered that there was a lot we could offer the market, we could be a lot more than a humble mobile app developer, Southampton needed a whole array of specialist services. And we were ready to expand.

Alongside your mobile app design and development, we’re able to assist you with business consultancy. Not every idea has fully reached its potential when the app is requested to be put into development, it’s hard enough thinking of an app to create – let alone the financing, branding, strategic plan, and all the small details! We understand that sometimes you need someone to guide you in the right direction, after all – your success is our success.

If you don’t think that a fully-fledged app is necessary for your business at this time then that’s something we can cater for as well. Depending on the type of business you run an e-commerce store may be suitable for you, as a Shopify Partner we’re able to assist you in choosing what’s best for you and your business.

If you already have an app in production but are having issues for one reason or another – we’re here to help. Not only do we create apps from start to finish, but we can also fix mobile apps that are at any stage of development, or even after they’ve launched.

Stages of app creation and development

Creating your 6th mobile app is just as exciting as creating your first. Each app idea is so different that no two are ever the same. We will always ensure your app is as unique as you are. There are various stages to app design, and we will talk you through every single one so that you always know exactly what stage of production your app is in. We understand that you could have chosen any mobile app developer Southampton from your web search, by being completely transparent with customers we earn your trust, so you know you and your business are in good hands.

UX Stage is one of the most important stages of app development. This is where we will plan out where the buttons will be located, how your screen layout will sit, and how to navigate your app. This stage is crucial because if your app doesn’t “function” with a human brain then people won’t use it, UX designers have the role of ensuring your app has that simple and intuitive navigation that all users look for, whilst also having all the functions your app needs to be everything it can be.

UI Stage is the part where we get funky! It’s time to make this app your own! UI is all about the colours, fonts, effects, animations, transitions, and everything that makes your app completely personalised and visually satisfying. Now, with great power comes great responsibility. It’s very easy to be lead astray with hundreds of thoughts at this stage. Listen to your UI designer, you don’t want your app to be solely pleasing to you – this is for the millions, not the one. Just because you like yellow stripes on a purple background, doesn’t mean the app users will.

Taking your app to market

Whilst you’re off planning your launch party (don’t forget snacks), we will be making your app go through a series of tests – and we’re not happy until it gives us top marks. From manual and automated Q&A to extensive data collection from users, we’ll ensure your app is the best it can be ready for its first big night out (or day, launch time is up to you). The final testing takes about two weeks to carry out, we like to take our time with each test to ensure the launch is as smooth as it should be. We’ve been through every stage of this app development together we wouldn’t let you down at the last hurdle.

There are regulations that your app needs to meet in order to be launched onto Google’s Play Store, and even more for The App Store (Apple). On average it takes 5 working days for apps to be approved onto their relevant stores, we’ll have the champagne ready for the first time they hit the stores – TOGETHER WE’VE DONE IT!

At Chimpare you get a lot more than with another mobile app developer in Southampton. Working with our team, we will bring you the best digital creation you could imagine – there’s no limit to what we can create. We firmly believe in the left hand working with the right, every single part of our processes and teams are perfectly in place to bring your idea to realisation.

Contact us for more information about the services we offer.

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